Nate and Sarah bought the new house, well a property, really. It’s got beautifully landscaped yards; Jacarandas, Mimosas, Canna Lilies, and many other varieties which take shade from a 60’ tall Italian stone pine tree where falcons, owls and hawks regularly perch.

But the kitchen, not so nice.

It looks like it was designed to fit one of those standard run-of-the mill tract homes built in the 1980s. But with a granite countertop installed to modernize it.

And it’s cramped; too small for just two people to navigate. Someone could get hurt.

A custom home with 270° views to the horizon deserves a modern kitchen. Especially one that overlooks the thirty years of gardening painstakingly deployed by the previous owners.

So now it’s time to knock out the wall, expand the space, and install energy efficient windows. Afterall, the view of the sunsets is perfect, but that sunlight washes through those kitchen windows.

Ralph Bender here for Enduring Wealth Advisors®

Nate and Sarah were prescient enough to conserve their cash from the sale of the tract home, but the remodel project would consume all of that, and more.

Consequently, they’ve stretched their credit a bit, so before much time elapsed, we recommended they seek a personal loan to fund the project, and with interest rates so low, that worked.

Had they waited a few more months, their credit scores would reflect the increased debts and spending of the new home purchase and while they’d still get funding, the interest rates would likely be higher.

If you’re planning an upgrade, give us a call. We’ll pace you through it.

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