“It’s perfect, Nate! I love it. Can we buy it, can we buy it, can we buy it?”

Not the kind of outburst Nate wanted to hear while standing with the real estate agent. Sarah’s just stamped the seal of approval on the asking price. That’s why Nate usually handles the negotiations.

After seven years working in an office managed by an ogre, Nate set up his own shop in an executive suite a couple years ago.

But now that they were sure the business would succeed, they decided it was time to live in a better neighborhood.

Buying a house with a casita for Nate’s business, eliminating the office rent, made that feasible. Now, the business paid rent to them, and it paid the gardener, the security system, internet, and a few other things.

Unfortunately, this place didn’t exactly have a ready-made casita. Nate and Sarah’s brother remodeled the third garage, replacing the rollup door with beautiful French doors, creating a vaulted ceiling where their demo work revealed the possibility, and added texture finish before spraying the whole space.

It took them about two months, including the permit and inspections, from start to finish.
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Sweat equity in this case is a literal description of Nate’s casita.

Contractors were unwilling to commit to a completion timeline, and they wanted too much of Nate’s capital for such a small project.

Nate did what successful people do. He found a way to get the job done, so he could focus on his customers’ needs.

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