Bronze Medal

Killing the Rising Sun

By Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard

Bill O’Reilly usually irritated me when he was on the air, so I did not jump to read any of his “Killing” series of books. However, I was interested in learning a bit more about the Pacific theatre of World War 2 following my reading of “The Generals” by Winston...

“The Devil’s Horn” & “The Devil’s Waters”

By David L Robbins

This book is the third I’ve read of Robbins’ series based on the Air Force’s Special Operations ParaRescue unit, called PJs (for Parachute Jumpers). PJs train at a level similar to the Navy’s Seals, but their focus is on rescue operations. Their slogan is “That Others...

The Einstein Prophecy

By Robert Masello

Masello crafts an imaginative story along the lines of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, tying the Nazi’s fascination with the paranormal to the Allies’ protection of the world’s cherished relics. There is plenty of action, although some of it...