How the Black Swan Changes the World

By Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

Did you ever see a black swan? Probably not, but they do exist, discovered in 1697 by the Dutch explorer Willem de Vlaminghin in Western Australia.

Soundbites and Memes Rule the World

By Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

Fear of spreading the virus, along with travel bans and tariff rhetoric, force businesses to develop more localized supply chains.

Instacart Surcharges

By Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

Delivery services can take care of your shopping. Sure, they charge a fee, but keeping out of the stores, at least until we “flatten the curve,” It’s worth it.

Enemy Abroad

By Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

The enemy at home is more threatening than the enemy abroad. September 11th drove that point for most of us. Coronavirus is doing it again. When it was in China, it wasn’t our problem.

Important Scheduling Changes

By Rose Circo

We are thrilled to introduce a new dynamic scheduling tool,, as we prepare for our Spring season of Annual Client Review Meetings...

Outlook 2019

By Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

Outlook 2019 - The Video