The Source

By James Michener

I’ve always been a fan of Michener, and last year also discovered one of his contemporaries, reading Leon Uris’ “Exodus” during my first visit to Israel.

The Einstein Prophecy

By Robert Masello

Masello crafts an imaginative story along the lines of "Raiders of the Lost Ark", tying the Nazi's fascination with the paranormal to the Allies.

The Empty Quarter

By David L Robbins

Before reading this book my notion of PJs was something in which to sleep. Now I know that the USAF has an elite Pararescue Jumper corps that lives by the motto "That Others May Live".

Red Sparrow

By Jason Matthews

Red Sparrow was promoted on my new Kindle page white book reader. The reviews made it sound like the author was soon to be in the same category as Clancy, Grisham, and Baldacci.