Market Update

It’s not a roller coaster!

By Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

Studies show that most investors get into the markets after they’ve steadily climbed out of a recent bottom, with the biggest inflows coming very close to the market peaks...

It’s not a Roller Coaster!

By Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP® & Mark R Tracy, MBA

You may have heard “the stock market is like a roller coaster.” We hear it all the time, but the problem is, it’s a terrible analogy...

Old Expansions and Old Runners

By Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

I don’t run as fast as I was able thirty years ago, and neither should we expect the economy to grow at the same rates it increased three decades ago...

We live in colorful times.

By Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

Time spent watching Red Skelton, the Honeymooners, and even Churchill’s funeral with Grandpa Roy planted lasting memories of a black and white world...

The Times are a-Changin’

By Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

When the volatility returned in February, it erased the market’s 5.62% January gain. Rarely does a year that begins with a positive return for the month of January end the year losing ground.

The Perils of Ignoring the Bull

By Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

The Dotcom Bubble burst in early 2000, killing the last secular bull market. Since then, we have had two major bear markets, one driven by economics and the other by financial panic.