“The Devil’s Horn” & “The Devil’s Waters”

By David L Robbins

This book is the third I’ve read of Robbins’ series based on the Air Force’s Special Operations ParaRescue unit, called PJs (for Parachute Jumpers). PJs train at a level similar to the Navy’s Seals, but their focus is on rescue operations. Their slogan is “That Others...

King and Maxwell

By David Baldacci

Having tried a number of new authors recently, and being universally disappointed, I decided it was time to return to one of my favorites, David Baldacci. Then, I recognized this title as a series we’d enjoyed on the TNT network last summer, following their hit...

The Empty Quarter

By David L Robbins

Before reading this book my notion of PJs was something in which to sleep. Now I know that the USAF has an elite Pararescue Jumper corps that lives by the motto “That Others May Live”. These guys jump into hot battle zones and while adding firepower when...