The Times are a-Changin’

By Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

What do the Watts Riots, Beatlemania, Kennedy’s Assassination, ZIP Codes, the Vietnam War, Cassius Clay’s first World Heavyweight Championship, South African Apartheid and Nelson Mandela’s lifetime prison sentence, Buffalo Wings, Martin Luther King’s “dream” speech...

Consequences of the Election Surprise

By Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

Donald Trump has completed his landmark quest and will become the nation’s 45th President after a contentious and often divisive campaign. In addition, the Republican Party has retained control of both houses of Congress. This outcome marks a significant reversal from...

100 Days of Torture

By Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

Recovery from surgery keeps me from running, and that is torture. The change in my routine, not the surgery. The stock market began its first correction in four years about 100 days ago. The volatility since that correction seems like torture. Moreover, the first days...