Running Money® Story

deep water running

“I’d rather have a soft serve than this Gatorade.”

My comment surprised the volunteer at the 23 mile aid station of the New Hampshire Marathon. He looked as I pointed to the ice cream stand nearby; it was closed for the winter.

“You must be feeling pretty good if you can joke after running our hills,”  he shouted out to me.

My outlook took me by surprise, too. In my previous three marathons I had “bonked” by mile 20, suffering with leg cramps the final six miles. This time was different. I’d learned how to focus on the long run.

Soon, another runner was pacing alongside my right shoulder. He told me my attitude had inspired him to fight off his own cramps and endure the pain.

Although New Hampshire is still my slowest race, it was my most successful because it taught me how to pace myself for a strong finish.  And in the process I discovered the joy of encouraging a fellow runner to finish strong.

The same enduring principles apply in my financial practice. Most of my clients have already been successfully running their own races for a long time. I come alongside them to help set the pace when otherwise they’d be on their own, so they too can finish strong enjoying the benefits of a lifetime of efforts.


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