The melding of fitness, faith and finances precipitated the creation of Enduring Wealth Advisors®. Always independent, the firm has never wavered from its commitment to seeking to enhance the lives of those of whom it serves.

Making wise investment decisions usually requires the ability to endure a bit of pain. It is easier to spend money today than to invest it for the future. It is easier to sell an investment at the bottom of its price cycle than to buy more. But in the long run, those “easy” choices can lead to ruin.

It takes discipline to consistently make the more difficult choices. Discipline isn’t usually pleasant, but discipline produces a harvest of benefits. Disciplined financial management can help create and maintain wealth.

People have individual definitions of wealth. Sure, most think of money, but true wealth is measured by what is done with the money. Whose lives have been improved by the use of the money?

As advisors, we can help guide and direct clients running the race marked out for them with endurance and discipline, not swerving to the left or right, but following the prescribed financial course set for them.


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