Relieve your Chronic Pain without medications, manipulations, or surgeries, using the Egoscue Method®!

Hobbled by a persistent hamstring pain, my medical doctor suggested a treatment plan not covered by insurance. It involved no medicine, no manipulation, and no surgery, but he said it’d help me learn how get and stay “Pain Free”, the title of Pete Egoscue’s book. I read it and recommend it. More important, for me it works, almost miraculously.

Certified by the Egoscue University, Jeff Hornacek joins us to describe how and why he is so passionate about this program, who it can best help, and to debunk some of the myths about chronic pain.

Jeff will also lead everyone participating in an interactive, live, self-assessment, some sample exercises to do during the meeting and provide a few exercises for everyone to consider. As with all our Zoom Open Hour programs, there is plenty of time for questions and answers. Finally, Jeff is offering a free consultation and personal evaluation, via Zoom, to all participants.

We may even give away a few copies of the book!

Jeff Hornacek and the Egoscue Method® are not affiliated with LPL Financial or Enduring Wealth Advisors®

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