Herd Mentality Hurts You

The future is uncertain. Most of the time, it is easy to ignore the daily turmoil. But like buckling up every time we go for a drive, it’s important to train ourselves for dealing with those unusual times when the volatility could toss us out of our investment vehicles.

Beginning his career during the run-up to Y2K, Alex Schardt has experienced three such catastrophic events, the dot.com bubble, the global financial crisis, and the pandemic. His attainment of the coveted CIMA® designation as a Certified Investment Management Analyst® confirms his training in investment portfolio construction, one of the most important tools for investment survival.

Join us and learn the importance of keeping focused on the long run during difficult times, sticking with the core principles of balance, consistency, and courage. And learn how experienced financial advisors plan for dealing with your emotions interfering with getting you through future troubles.

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