Section 529 Plan Myths

When planning and saving for a future educational expense, the Section 529 plan rises above all the others. It is the only one with tax benefits, which allows enough funding to pay for college, or a minimal monthly funding amount designed just to help out, that has a lot of options if the kid decides not to go to college.

All the other plans come with specific restrictions that many people think apply to 529’s and in this presentation, we’ll discuss these misconceptions. And we’ll make sure you understand why so many financial experts recommend Section 529 plans.

Geoff Williams, the Section 529 Plan specialist from John Hancock Investments, with over a decade of financial services experience, joins us to expose the 10 Myths About college Savings Plans.

By the end of the Zoom Open Hour, you’ll know if these arrangements are suitable for you and your kids, your grandkids, or even your extended family members. (Hint: it’s highly likely!)

Geoff Williams and John Hancock Investment are not affiliated with LPL Financial or Enduring Wealth Advisors®.

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Thursday, May 26, 2022 @ 4:00 Pacific

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