One Pitch Away: The Players’ Stories of the 1986 League Championships and World

We all make mistakes. Usually, the consequences are minor often times allow us to “chalk it up” to a learning experience. How would it feel if one mistake in an otherwise brilliant career became the defining act of your life?

During the 1986 major league baseball playoffs, that’s exactly what happened to three players Bob Knepper of the Houston Astros, Angels’ closer Donnie Moore, and the previously legendary slugging first baseman of the Red Sox, Bill Buckner.

And in both championship series and the World Series mistakes could have been overcome. The Astros put up a valiant fight ultimately losing to the amazing Mets and one of the most famous baseball playoffs of all time in the 16th inning.

But both the Angels and the Red Sox blunders simply failed to close out the series. There were additional games to play in both, and the teams failed to recover from those mistakes.

This author does a nice job providing both background in on each of the major participants involved in the game, on the baseball strategies and data management techniques, and on the lives and deaths of the players and their families

Review by Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

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