Havasupai Falls – Vlog

Havasupai Falls one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Indian tribe settled there about a millennium ago and lived without interruption until the mid-nineteenth century.

That’s because getting there requires an arduous hike, about 10 miles through a remote corner of the Grand Canyon, beginning and ending with a mile and half of switchbacks up the side of the canyon wall.
Today, the Havasupai tribe still lives there, but as can be expected, they’ve adopted new lifestyles, and the 20,000 tourists per year are the local economy. It’s still a challenge to get there, but for the adventurous and hardy, it is worth the effort.

Havasupai means “people of the blue-green water” and it gets that way because it is filled with unhealthy levels of minerals. If you want to go, make plans to haul in everything you’ll need for the duration of your hikes into and out of the canyon.

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I’ve made the trip, twice in one summer, as a teen, with my Aunt Dorothy’s “Caravans Camping for Science”.

Dot made all the plans, and that was good, because I wouldn’t have known what to take and what to leave.

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