A Glimpse into Focus

Ralph and Mark both attended one of the most highly regarded conferences in the financial services industry, LPL Financial’s annual Focus, held this July in Boston.

This is a big event. 7000 people make it happen.

Ralph and Mark arrived a day early to serve on special councils advising LPL senior management about the impact of their decisions from an advisor’s office point of view. Later, on “arrival day” we joined “the party before the party” meeting of an online LinkedIn study group of over 2,000 LPL Advisors (www.AdvisorsRoundTable.INFO) which our office manages. The Expo Hall opens for a few hours and advisors, staff & sponsors get fed and talk shop.

The next two mornings open with well-rehearsed, highly entertaining, big-budget general session productions lasting a couple hours each. Hundreds of breakout sessions and unlimited access to sponsors and home office departments on the expo floor continue through the work day, which is followed by a plethora of special events.

Ralph & Mark joined with another LPL Advisor, Mark Van Drunen from the Cleveland Ohio area at Fenway Park where they watched a pitchers’ duel between the Phillies’ Aaron Nola and the Red Sox’ David Price. Both pitchers went eight innings, allowing one run in a game that ultimately lasted 13 innings.

Ralph’s activities focused on running the business, and networking with colleagues across the spectrum of industry and government relations. Mark leveraged his time to gain technical training on emerging industry trends, cyber security and operational efficiencies. We both benefited from the economic, political and media connections.

The annual conference is jammed packed with activity and always energizes those who participate.


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