White Line

The white line stretches through the upcoming curve. The streets are empty except for me and the on-coming white SUV.

The road is slick and the shoulder muddy from last night’s downpour.

One foot in front of the other; this is the stretch of road where I like to increase my pace.

I always keep my eye on moving vehicles. A great habit I learned years ago: don’t trust any vehicle until you can see the whites of the driver’s eyes. This practice is especially important at intersections when they’re turning right while looking left. It’s amazing how often they don’t look right before gunning it.

We reached the curve at about the same time. I stayed on the white line, avoiding the sloppy roadside.
I almost waited too long, but I stepped aside as the SUV failed to turn. I gave the driver my best stink-eye.

She barely glanced up from the phone in time to keep from going off the road behind me.

During the coronavirus lockdown, while practicing social distancing, please remember that texting while driving can still kill people.

I wonder, how many people are being killed by distracted drivers now that we are practicing social distancing?

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