Instacart Surcharges

Stay home!

Delivery services can take care of your shopping.

Sure, they charge a fee, but keeping out of the stores, at least until we “flatten the curve,”
It’s worth it.

Sort of.

Beth discovered grocery home delivery years ago.

It was great! In the morning, they’d select the best produce and pull our order, and later that day the store’s refrigerated truck showed up with the delivery.

They charged a simple service charge, never more than $10.

Then she discovered Instacart.

They shop anywhere. Even Costco!

Since the pandemic, Instacart’s business is booming, and they’ve got lots of new drivers.

Some of them didn’t get the memo to withhold the store checkout receipt.

Surreptitiously, Instacart sends the receipt by email.

A strange credit card number on the receipt she wasn’t supposed to get caused me to log in to our account.

The price on Kirkland Mixed Nuts caught my eye.

It was wrong, way more than I remembered.

In fact, Instacart had marked-up every item, and they kept all the in-store promos.

The fifteen items we bought, after the discounts and tax cost $173.75, $173.75.

Instacart charged us $216.73. That’s almost $43, A 25% markup, before the service charge and tip that we knew we were paying.

Emerson said “Doing well is the result of doing good. That’s what capitalism is all about.”

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