Charlie Becomes Unusual

Charlie wasn’t always unusual.

She used to keep up with her friends’ spending habits, and ultimately, lived week-to-week, paycheck-to-paycheck.

Then a crisis she was not prepared for hit her family.

It surprised her when she realized how much she needed mom and dad.

She thought she was independent.

Charlie’s uncle asked us to guide her through a complimentary consultation.

It turns out that Charlie is sharp, energetic, pleasant, and most importantly to us, willing to take professional advice.

She simply didn’t know any financial advisors, except those that just sell insurance or other high commission products.

None of her friends did either.

We organized what Charlie had working for and against her.

She quickly grasped the need to control spending, set aside a bit of every income for an emergency fund, and eliminate high interest credit card debts.

She called often, at first.

And, while it seemed like an eternity to Charlie, in just a couple of years she learned to live within her means and started investing for the long run.

She still has her friends, but learned that, like the Duane Clark song, friends come and go.

Now she is financially ready to face her life’s next crossroad while working towards future financial milestones.

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