Long Run Goals VLog


Three hours. Or less.

That’s the goal. And it has to happen in Boston. Well, New York would be ok, too. Both are special, and unique in their own ways.

But the dream is Boston.

Of course, it’s starting to feel like the years are passing faster than the miles of training and at some point, it becomes inconceivable.

A sub-3-hour marathon as a senior runner isn’t impossible, but it’s a big dream, and without commitment, and coaching, it’s nothing more than a dream.

Ralph Bender here for Enduring Wealth Advisors.

Don’t wait too long to commit to your life-long goals, or they could become unfulfilled dreams.

It’s your life, and we can pace you through its crossroads.

Future financial milestones, like paying for college, achieving financial independence, or protecting end-of-life healthcare needs, require planning.

The sooner we start, the better you’ll enjoy the outcome.

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Gotta run!

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