Cynthia Texting While Driving – VLog

Cynthia glanced at the text message.

She’d been in a hurry and forgot to connect the phone to the car’s automated system.

SOS from mom. She stared at it. Until it was too late.

At freeway speeds, a car hurtles down the road about a hundred feet a second.

The car did have a braking emergency system and it brought Cynthia’s eyes back onto the road just in time to see the trouble ahead.

Then, everything went black.

Ralph Bender here for Enduring Wealth Advisors®

Most of us drive way faster than our reaction times justify. And everyone I know is guilty of at least some form of distracted driving.

It is difficult for most people to stay tuned into the road in front, and alongside, and behind, when they’re driving. Especially on the open highways, or for that matter on the plugged-up freeways.

Likewise, many people don’t pay close attention to their investments.

But thankfully, there is an alternative, to both problems!

Hire a driver.

An Enduring Wealth Advisor can safely navigate both the volatile markets, and those easy times when we’re just cruising.

Give us a call to keep you safe.

Gotta run!

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