Jake Jumps In – VLog

Jumping in with both feet. That’s Jake’s way of doing things.

Thrashing about with the tools he’s got, but without much of a plan works for him. He’s got the creative spark and some of the projects he’s completed are amazing!

Like the time he demoed the only bathroom in their first house.

Cynthia didn’t like the looks of the tub, so a sledgehammer removed the tub. But a ricocheting sledgehammer is brutal on a toilet.

What a mess.

With no money for a hotel stay, Cynthia took the babies to her mom’s house while Jake created a new bathroom that Cynthia loved!

Ralph Bender here for Enduring Wealth Advisors®

We all see the flip-it programs on TV where this kind of project comes out ok. Those people are experienced and even though they don’t create drawings, they have a plan in mind and know how to fudge the finishes to make it work.

And if they screw up, they just redo it. And it’s better for the experience.

But with your financial plans, if you screw it up, it gets a lot harder to fix, because time is your friend and time wasted is lost opportunity.

Give us a call today to check your plans and make sure you’re not flushing your future and get you working towards, rather than against, your long run goals.

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