Ellie is Born – Vlog

Inside that football-sized roll of towels, is a newborn baby. Nine months in the making, a lifetime ahead, fraught with challenges only begun by the arduous passage called birth.

Liam’s thoughts as he held his daughter for the first time.

It wasn’t a particularly difficult delivery, at least not for him.

Charlie, not so much. She’s exhausted, but all smiles, and neither of them will dwell on the panic of the last several contractions before Ellie emerged.

The pregnancy wasn’t planned, but Charlie and Liam think they’re ready for parenting.

Grandma can’t wait to dote over her namesake.

Ralph Bender here for Enduring Wealth Advisors

Now the plans go into gear. Grandpa is on it.

There’s only 216 months before Ellie enters college. Saving enough to cover the expenses at a good school at today’s rates means investing hundreds every month.

But the good news is that in one of the Covid stimulus bills, the government changed the way our favorite college savings vehicle, called a Section 529 plan, treats plan assets owned by grandpa.

When Ellie uses the money to pay for college, unless they change the rules again … and don’t think that isn’t likely … it is no longer treated as earned income to her.

The only constant in Washington is change. And that is why everyone needs professional advice.

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It’s never too early to invest in a child’s education.

Gotta run!

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