Sarah Makes Noodles – VLog

Sarah’s kids love her home-made noodles. served in a chunky beef broth over a mound of mashed potatoes.

It’s a hand-me-down dinner from her parents who had to learn how to make a left-over portion of pot roast feed a family during the lean years of their marriage.

It’s a treat they don’t get very often.

Because it’s a lot of work to make the noodles.

It wrecks the kitchen. Flour and drying noodles spread all over the place. Then the boiling cauldrons blowing aromas of wheat and steam, making the noodles edible.

Not every family meal is a recipe for healthy eating, but Sarah’s parents learned how to get by with what they had.

The kids survived, and a family legacy thrived.

Ralph Bender here for Enduring Wealth Advisors.

One of the constants during a life after paychecks is the income. They call it living on a fixed income for a reason.

But retirees with a good portion of income from investments have a chance to adjust their spending according to the performance of their portfolios.

Unfortunately some want to spend the portfolio rather than nurturing growth from it. Others are so fear bound that they don’t take enough risk to match their long run time horizons.

If you’re not willing to make your investments grow, what are you willing to do to make them last?

Give us a call to see if you’re consuming too much of your portfolio, and get some healthy ideas for making it last.

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