Turf Sports Maintenance – Vlog

Spring time brings Spring Training to baseball players and fans. A few months later, it’s summer training for the football players.

There’s the smell of fresh cut turf, carefully and meticulously manicured by the ground’s crews. Yea, that comes before the aromas of hot dogs, pizza, beer, and popcorn and the stands filled with fans.

Now maybe your outdoor sport is golf. Now there’s a sport that involves some serious landscaping! Back in the late nineties I was friends with the head greenskeeper at one of the big local courses.

They have a million-dollar budget to keep those courses immaculate!

Now before it’s time to start the game, whatever it is, the grounds crew, whomever they are, kick into gear laying out the field, from pin placement to hashmark striping to mowing the club’s logo into centerfield.

Ain’t that cool?

Ralph Bender here for Enduring Wealth Advisors®

I’ve always loved outdoor sports. You know my personal favorite is running. Twelve marathons so far, and still going strong. But enough about me.

Sports are increasingly focused on generating profits. Some would say to the detriment of the sport.

The current issue is allowing college athletes to profit from their activity.

That debate is out-of-bounds for this vlog, but I’d love to hear your comments about it below.

What I find interesting about these turf related sports is that there is constant maintenance, trimming and adjusting the grounds so that the participants have as good an experience as is possible.

It’s not necessarily complicated, but it requires diligence.

The same kind of diligence, albeit with a much more sophisticated and important challenge, as goes into managing an investment portfolio.

Are the weeds in your financial plan choking out its beauty?

Give us a call to identify goals and nurture behavior so that together we can confidently discover and pursue dreams.

Gotta run!

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