Damien’s Hard Life


Damien comes from a troubled family.

Issues cascade from one generation to the next, like a series of waterfalls, crashing on the rocks below, then raging through the rapids, until cascading over the next cliff.

But Damien’s paddling hard against the current to get out of the river before going over the next spillway, probably to his death.

He got out of that environment, finding a job and a place to stay, away from the turbulence of his upbringing.

Now, along with 6 months of emergency cash in the bank, he needs reliable transportation so that his employer can depend on him.

But he’s concerned about financing that car and thinking about using his cash to pay for it.

Ralph Bender here for Enduring Wealth Advisors®

Things, like cars, that you know are going to lose value, are not good investments.

Transportation is an expense. Treat it like the expense it is.

Would you pay your next four years of utility, cable, or phone bills in a lump sum today?
I didn’t think so.

Negotiate for a low interest rate, keep your cash for its intended purpose, and use someone else’s to get into the vehicle.

It may take more time for Damien to get his credit scores into the powerhouse range, but he still has some options that can preserve his cash.

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We know how to keep your money working for you.

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