Guilty Pleasure

With a family history of heart disease, #RunninRalph (runnin’ with no G, follow that hashtag, please) visits the cardiologist whenever there is any indication of discomfort in the chest. At least that’s how his relationship with the doctor began. Now he’s on a regular routine six-month checkup cycle.

Despite the thousands of miles of running over the years, only one year in the past decade did the annual total less than four digits, heart disease is basically a genetic problem. All the exercise certainly delayed the onset of hypertension and cholesterol issues, but the body just doesn’t always do what we want it to do for us.

RunninRalph has another problem, though, and it might not sit well with the cardiologist.
It’s called ice cream.

He owns three different machines for making his hand-crafted gelatos, and some of his creations are truly amazing. Did you ever taste the difference between orange juice from a bottle or concentrate from fresh squeezed? It’s the same with ice cream. Nothing is better. In fact, RunninRalph’s 50/50 is one of those creations. Half orange sherbet, made of course with fresh squeezed Valencia oranges, paired with Madagascar vanilla bean gelato.


But the recent news from the lab work is that the LDL cholesterol levels, that’s the bad stuff, are inching higher than recent studies recommend. It’s time to make some adjustments. Cut out the dairy cheese and red meat.

Oh, the daily salad for lunch is great, but ham, contrary to what the pork industry wants you to believe, ham is red meat.

So, we’ll switch the proteins to poultry or sea food and use goat cheese on the lunch salads.

Ralph Bender here for Enduring Wealth Advisors®

To get the most out of life, we can’t be afraid of pushing the boundaries, including those set by the experts. RunninRalph is working with the cardiologist to make the adjustments his body needs to keep on running.

But there’s a regular monitoring of the situation to prevent it from going off the rails and turning into an otherwise preventable difficult condition.

While the cardiologist is working to keep people alive, our financial advisors have a more important job.

Keeping the living in your life.

Because it may be that the only thing worse than being dead, may be living while dead broke.

Gotta Run!

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