Procrastination Poofs Your Money – Vlog

The pile. It sits on Jake’s credenza containing all the documents and files that he’s promised Cynthia he’d review and be decisive.

Sometimes being decisive isn’t in one’s best interests. We want time to ruminate on the ideas, or just be lazy.

Jake’s not a lazy person. At least not before dinner. Afterwards, it’s ok to be lazy. He is a morning person, after all.

But back to the pile.

It’s the go-to place when they can’t find a statement, or a replacement credit card, or that RSVP card to the wedding.

There’s a significant rebate check from Costco in that pile.

Is Jake lazy because he doesn’t want to go to Costco to redeem it? He doesn’t think so. Cynthia hates the store, so it’ll only happen if he makes a special trip, probably armed with a list of items.

That means it’ll be a chore.

If that check never gets cashed, the money disappears.

Ralph Bender here for Enduring Wealth Advisors®

It is very easy for rebate checks to get lost in the pile, like the one on Jake’s credenza. After 180 days, poof, it’s vaporized money.

Being lazy about programs like a 401k plan, same as cash plans, or even regular credit card plans have ways to make your cash go poof?

If you let that happen too many times, well you end up a lot worse off than could be the case.

The big no-no is failing to invest in a 401k plan that has an employer match. That mistake compounds at magnificent rates.

If you’re confused, we can help. Don’t procrastinate, call us now.

But wait, there’s more to this vLog.

Check out our blog post about interest-free traps[.

Miss a monthly payment and poof, you owe them a lot more!

Miss the grace period due date when paying off the monthly credit? Interest charges make more of your money go poof!

Now that is a wrap on the vlog. You can reach out to us now!

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