Hot Air Balloons are like IRAs

Hot air balloons rise in the east, launching from Lake Skinner in Southern California’s Temecula wine country. On many weekday morning runs I’ll see a handful of them on the horizon. Small black spots, backlit by the rising sun. They rarely drift into the more densely populated areas within the city limits.

On weekends, when long runs are more likely, sometimes I get out to the wine country. And the balloons take on a different perspective. My routes usually get me between the balloons and the sun, as they’ve floated out over the wineries, looking for the open spaces to safely land.

They’re no longer little black spots, but rather, huge billowing vessels with beautiful and colorful designs.

Carrying a dozen people or more and blasting the propane burners with a tremendous roar, they navigate the winds, the rolling landscapes, and the undeveloped spaces large enough to safely touch down.

Ralph Bender here for Enduring Wealth Advisors®

Investing in an IRA account for the first time is a lot like those balloons off in the distance. A little black hole into which the investor dumps money.

The account is overshadowed by life’s many other demands. It’s hardly significant, yet, it’s got something attractive about it. You don’t see it every day, or all day, and many of your friends don’t even think about it.

But you’re in it for the long run, and as you get closer to the promised lands some call retirement, the IRA takes on a different perspective. It’s getting big, and with the sun at your back, you begin to feel the optimism it can represent.

Our financial advisors, like the balloon pilots, monitor the situation, adjusting as needed, keeping you informed of the situation as we navigate the markets in pursuit of your dreams.


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