Hero of Main St – VLog

What’s in a name?

Mine is simple, one syllable, “Ralph”.

It supposedly means wolf or hero.

In my line of work I’d prefer hero, because the way I work is nothing at all like the “Wolf of Wall Street.”

Call me the hero of main street.

Our clients know they need guidance, especially when facing one of life’s many crossroads.

Unfortunately, in my line of work, there are some wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Ralph Bender here for Enduring Wealth Advisors®

Financial Advisors come from three primary industries: insurance, stock brokerage, or financial planning.

But the first two are advisors required to sell proprietary products to their clients and are often incentivized to offer these products and pushed to sell to meet a certain sales quota.

As an independent financial advisor, I am able to offer objective advice to my clients and offer investment products based on my clients’ interests.

Throughout my career, I’ve always started with a long initial meeting to learn about your situation. It’s during this meeting that we identify your goals.

Before the second meeting, we’ll look for the vehicles which best fit your goals. They could come from banking, insurance, or the investment worlds.

During that meeting, we discuss our ideas and begin nurturing behaviors so that together we can confidently discover and pursue your dreams.

Give us a call to get started.

Gotta Run!

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