“You’re Not Listening; What You’re Missing and Why it Matters” by Kate Murphy

You’re Not Listening; What You’re Missing and Why it Matters
by Kate Murphy

Reviewed by: Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

“We already talked about it.”

“No, we didn’t. This is the first I’ve heard about it.”

“After Karen & Jim’s party last week, we talked about it. You agreed.”

Does this conversation sound familiar?

Sure, we can hear another person talking and often hear the words, but we are mentally distracted. We think about what we want to say, or we think about something completely unrelated to the conversation.

Often, we project our experiences into their story, and rather than gaining an understanding of their situation, we begin sharing our stories. Chapter 12 explains the difference between supportive and shifting comments and provides probably the best set of tools for working on this problem.

This book helped me realize that some of the things I did not know were short-circuiting my ability to hear what others were saying.

It is well-written and easy to read. To implement, maybe I’ll reread it… annually.

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