Waterfall Distributions – Marty and Jean Visit Yosemite

Marty and Jean brought their family to Yosemite Valley to share in some of the splendor of what they believe is the most beautiful valley in the world.

And there’s lots to do there, too.

Together, they hiked up the trail to the bridge beneath Vernal Falls, then the kids took the grandkids up the Mist Trail to the top of the falls where they could see the even bigger Nevada Falls.

Later, the family picnicked along and swam in the Merced River as it meanders for about seven miles through the valley.

In the Spring, when the Sierra snowpack is melting, the valley feeds the river with other falls including North America’s tallest, Yosemite Falls, the wispy Bridalveil Falls, and the mysterious Horsetail falls.

But by the end of the summer, most of those turn to trickles or dry up altogether during drought years.

Ralph Bender here for Enduring Wealth Advisors®

Flowing water is important. From ancient water mills to modern hydroelectric turbines, water pressure generates energy.

We’ve developed a “waterfall distribution strategy” to help power our retirees’ incomes, especially those who have lots of their employer’s company stock inside the retirement plan. It works for anyone with assets in both retirement and non-retirement locations.

Income drawn from the IRA flows into the non-retirement bucket, from which the funds flow for monthly use. The strategy can reduce the taxable distributions from the IRA, by incorporating non-retirement dividend income, while maintaining the flexibility of having both types of accounts.

Thoughtful retirement income planning is one way we instill the confidence to discover and pursue dreams.
Give us a call to map out a strategy for your retirement income.

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