Financial Planning Process

Your life’s legacy is reflected in your “long run.” Some choose to be intentional about their goals and clearly define what they want to accomplish. Others are more flexible and plan their future by exploring opportunities that appear throughout their life’s journey. Both lifestyles have goals, and it is our job to help keep your goals and dreams in focus as you traverse the many milestones you will encounter during your long run.

We’ve identified at least a dozen of life’s financial milestones. Some of them include: saving for education, wealth accumulation, retirement, income protection and estate preservation. Each has its own set of financial concerns and complications. Our highly educated and experienced team, led by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM Professional with over two decades of experience working with individual clients, has counseled and paced clients through all of them.

Volatile markets, the complexities of today’s financial, business and political environments, and the overwhelming preponderance of information due to technology creates a perplexing and confusing climate. A holistic financial planning approach paired with experience and some wisdom helps me/us to filter out the noise and guide clients towards appropriate strategies.

In our comprehensive initial consultations with new clients, we seek to understand the entire financial picture and gain insight into their long run aspirations. We then deal with the immediate milestone that prompted our meeting such as a rollover, retirement, or college planning, and incorporate it into their overall goals.

When we at Enduring Wealth Advisors® take on a new client relationship, it is with the intention of staying alongside them throughout their life’s journey and providing a consistent, steady influence.

“Pacing our clients through financial milestones, so they can focus on the long run” is more than just a saying. It’s what we endeavor to provide for all our clients.