Like most of Michener’s books, The Source is a historical fiction with a storyline that begins in ancient times and comes forward. Unlike most of his others, this book uses an ongoing archeological dig at the fictional Tel Makor to introduce the reader to each subsequent era of history.

I’ve always been a fan of Michener, and last year also discovered one of his contemporaries, reading Leon Uris’ “Exodus” during my first visit to Israel. A client recommended I read “The Source” before my second visit to the Holy Lands. Reading both books provides tremendous insights into the development of the Jewish people, their persecution and their success in creating the nation Israel.

At over 1,100 pages, this book is a weighty volume, both literally and figuratively. It’s right for the nightstand, but it’s not something to read over a lazy weekend. Since it touches on every significant cultural period of the Palestine, it can help the reader gain an appreciation of the complexities of today’s Middle East.

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