This book is the third I’ve read of Robbins’ series based on the Air Force’s Special Operations ParaRescue unit, called PJs (for Parachute Jumpers). PJs train at a level similar to the Navy’s Seals, but their focus is on rescue operations. Their slogan is “That Others May Live” and tells the story of their willingness to risk their own lives to save others.

The Devil’s Horn is based on a fantastically fabricated rescue operation set in South Africa and Mozambique. I’ve no idea if the premise is even something Washington would ever condone. But it is believable.

More importantly, Robbins does an admirable job developing the local characters for this story. I’m glad that this was the third of these books I’ve read, because the interrelationships between the PJs themselves is scantly covered.

Devil’s Water seemed a more action-packed story to me than did The Devils Horn. In “Waters”, he spends a lot more time developing the PJs characters and I’d recommend reading it before “Horn”. I’m not sure why he adopted the Devil as part of his title theme. In any of the PJ missions worthy of a book, there’s going to be something dangerous.

I awarded my first of Robbins’ PJ books, “The Empty Quarter”, a silver medal back in 2014. Because he does such a good job keeping the reader engaged in his stories, they’re all worth reading for the pure entertainment value.

Review by Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP®

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