The hemlock was huge. It took out the whole northeast corner of the back yard, and that wasn’t much space. It was squeezed between the edge of the pool deck and the property line and fence, a space only about 10’ wide.

That was the best place on the property to plant a vegetable garden, so it had to go. But vegetables won’t grow well in soil beneath a pine tree. It’s too alkaline, or is it acidic, I don’t know. I only know the soil must be damaged.

Plus it was on a slope. Oh, wait, that’s actually good.

We’ll build a retaining wall, and back fill it with new top soil and then we’ll have a nice sized garden for our tomatoes, squash, maybe something else.

Watch out when picking those grape tomatoes! Shayla eats them as fast as you pick ‘em!

Ralph Bender here for Enduring Wealth Advisors

Sometimes we need to make space in our yard for something we want, like a vegetable garden in the only place it’ll work.

Other times we need to cut out spending on non-essentials to make room for the important goals that life gives us.

Otherwise we find ourselves living beyond our means and instead of reaping great memories we find ourselves paying off debts.

But planning for big future events can almost always yield a productive harvest.

And studies show that people working with financial advisors tend to have better outcomes than do-it-yourselfers.

Give us a call when you’re serious about pursuing a future financial milestone.

Gotta run!

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