Charlie’s new home is missing something important to her.

Moving is always disruptive.

She and Liam, bought the place knowing that they could fix it once they got settled in.

It’s been two years and she still has no garden at the new place.

She’s grown accustomed to the grocer’s herbs and vegetables.

Raising her own is like a fond faded memory of a distant time.

Ralph Bender here for Enduring Wealth Advisors®

Moving to a new job can be just as disruptive and disorienting as moving to a new home.

All the excitement and challenges of the new position, getting to know new people, forming new alliances, learning the politics.

And if there’s a family at home, they’ve got to put up with the new routines.

If you’re changing jobs, don’t let your retirement plan assets become the neglected, forgotten, or lost part of your life.

You have four choices.

A lump-sum distribution is how you would withdraw them as taxable income, maybe to support the move.

You can leave them behind in the previous employer’s plan, if they let you.

A new employer’s plan might let you roll them into their plan.

And finally, a rollover into a self-directed IRA account removes any employer intermediary while maintaining your tax benefits.

Give us an opportunity to evaluate and explain the costs and benefits of each choice available in your situation.

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