Sarah and Nate have very different stories of their initial dates. It was a whirlwind romance for them, by any measure of romance. Married less than six months after their first date, which was only a few weeks after they first met.

He was the unrefined, yet self-confident young executive sent by his company to acquire her employer’s operations. Her friends thought he was awkward and dressed like a country boy feigning sophistication, wearing floods in the era of bell-bottoms.

She was the introverted, self-taught data and payroll manager, hiding in the back room.
He thought she was drop-dead gorgeous.

He decided to distribute a single red rose to every woman in the office on Valentine’s Day. He said, “every woman should get a rose on Valentine’s Day.”

Apparently, it softened her and emboldened him. He asked her out and they started dating on the 17th.

Every night for weeks they dated and were engaged within the month.

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On the wedding day, Nate’s father-in-law gave him sage advice.

“Always remember it’s a 60/40 arrangement, and never give up your 40%.”

After the marriage, they had to get to know each other, if they were going to make it work. That’s when it got very difficult.

But both were committed and while protecting their 40% the remaining middle ground bounced back and forth for years.

Every couple figures out where the lines are drawn in a relationship, but a successful marriage requires engagement.

It’s the same when working with financial advisors.

Relationships between clients and their advisor can thrive if there is commitment and engagement, sharing and discussing goals, resources, and obligations.

In an open and candid relationship, the advisor can nurture the behaviors needed to build confidence in the pursuit and discovery of your dreams.

If this sounds like a relationship you’d like with an advisor, reach out to us!

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