Growing Patience

February is the time of year to plan for the upcoming growing season, whether it’s about flowering landscapes, straight-to-the table vegetables, or the freshest possible herbs and spices.

Do you hope to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard? Then you’ll need blooming plants that can grow in your climate.

Hoping that your tomatoes and vegetables ripened on the plants and don’t get consumed by the critters they attract? There are safe tools and natural techniques to help make that happen.

Which herbs does your palate savor? Culinary artistes love to harvest theirs straight from the garden while preparing the meal.

Join us as Master Gardener Louise Sloan of presents Growing Patience, a workshop about planning a garden to meet your needs, where we don’t even get our hands dirty!

Louise Sloan is not affiliated with LPL Financial or Enduring Wealth Advisors®.