Water in America

The proposed infrastructure bill includes water systems as a key targeted area for portions of the multi-trillion-dollar spending bill working through Congress. According to the White House webpage “Fact Sheet on the American Jobs Plan” billions of the trillions will get invested in water projects ranging from inland waterways, coastal ports, ferries, replacing lead pipes, restore wetlands, watersheds, water efficiency and recycling programs, dam safety, and of course, lots of money to monitor the investments and systems.

Who better to discuss this aspect of the bill than Aubrey Bettencourt, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Department of the Interior, overseeing water and science policy? Raised on a farm in the California Central Valley, she’s dedicated her professional career to protecting and raising awareness of water.

Hear from one of America’s most informed people on the state of water in America, including her take on the provisions of the massive, proposed spending. It is an opportunity to learn about one of the few resources truly essential to life, and how America can re-invigorate its sustainability.

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