Capital Markets Update

Do you want to know the future, how to invest, and what to avoid?

Knowing where we are today is about as good as it gets. And that’s the beauty of this presentation as it draws on the data gathering capabilities of our friends at JP Morgan Asset Management as distributed through their Guide to the Markets.

Dr. David Kelly’s group produces these easy-to-comprehend charts faster than anyone else in the industry, making them the most current tools for determining where we are today.

And if you don’t know where we are today, how can you decide where you’re going?

Join our founder, Ralph Bender, MBA, CFP® and the Enduring Wealth Advisors® team as we highlight the data points covering issues like inflation, employment, earnings, and asset allocation.

And get some ideas about what to expect in the future.

Dr. David Kelly and JPMorgan Asset Management are not affiliated with LPL Financial or Enduring Wealth Advisors®.