Changing Face of Retirement

Congress created Social Security to work with pensions and savings providing three legs of stability after leaving the workforce. But today’s retirees face different challenges than those systems were designed to address.

Individuals must prepare for the new challenges, and that begins with this workshop where we discuss the four areas you need to understand to protect your later years: Social Security, Health Care, Identity Protection, Retirement Investments.

What’s going to keep Social Security secure in the face of unrelenting demographic changes?

How does Medicare fit into a retiree’s personal care?

While fraudsters and scammers attack everyone, seniors are the most vulnerable, especially in an increasingly digital world.

And since pensions largely disappeared for the current working population, how do you replace that leg of stability?

With over three decades of combined experience identifying goals and nurturing behaviors so that their clients can confidently discover and pursue dreams, Enduring Wealth Advisors Mark R. Tracy and Ralph Bender present this program twice.