Fortifying Your Financial Future: strategies for those 45 and older

The kind of life you get after leaving the workforce depends largely on the choices you make during the last 20 to 30 years of your career.

These choices focus on three areas of your life, which we discuss in this workshop.

Strategies for building retirement savings is the first component, because while money is everything, more of it is usually better than less, especially once you exit the workforce.

But while you’re probably in your peak earnings years, the demands on your time and money are also working overtime. So, we’ll discuss the balancing acts we all must play with our financial goals.

Finally, no one is ever promised a tomorrow. We want you to understand the immediate actions you need to take today to protect yourself and those you love if you’re unable to do it yourself.

Presented by our own Mark R Tracy, MBA who joined the firm in 2012 after graduating Cum Laude in Finance and earning his MBA from Cal State Fullerton, where he now lives with his wife and their four children.