The Dark Side of Going Green

Climate change is a major theme that will drive a significant increase in the development of renewable technologies, here and abroad, now and during the foreseeable future.

But to quote a famous frog, “it isn’t easy being green.”

Harvard Business Review recently published an article titled “The Dark Side of Solar Power,” which described the potential landfill of solar panels that the industry faces as solar panels are retired and decommissioned.

It is common knowledge that solar panels produce clean renewable energy.

Unfortunately, the carbon footprints of the entire life cycle of solar panels, including their construction and manufacture presents a vastly different image. An image of oversold benefits and future environmental catastrophe.

Electric vehicles are another heavily promoted “green” initiative. The major auto makers, and many governments, are mandating a move to electric transportation. EVs make sense. Electric motors are more efficient and less polluting than internal combustion (gas or diesel) engines.

But as with solar panels, promotors only sell the benefits. No one is talking about the full life cycle of EVs from manufacturing to disposal. The carbon footprint from the factory cradle to the junkyard grave.
Until now.

Maggie Teliska works to save electrons, guiding them from generation, transmission, and distribution to provide seamless power and energy for all demands. She is a widely published and recognized thought leader with decades of leadership experience at the forefront of new power source technologies.

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion of some of the most heavily promoted green ideas and learn what we’re thinking about them.

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