Impact Investing Through the Lens of Faith

With all that is going on right now, you may be thinking more about what values you hold dearest. If so, faith-based investing can offer you an outlet to support the companies that share your beliefs. As news of the pandemic continues to shift and America takes its first steps toward “normal,” many people are likely contemplating what changes they want to make in their lives going forward — including how they invest. If that is you, now may be a good time to refocus your investment strategy and reflect on how and why you invest.

Will Lofland is director and head of intermediary distribution at GuideStone Funds based in Dallas, Texas. In addition, Will oversees GuideStone’s shareholder advocacy strategy and represents the firm as a participant in the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility.

You should gain an understanding of how the industry approaches values-based investing, through the lens of a Christian Faith-Based portfolio management process. You may decide to have a conversation with us about adjusting your portfolio to avoid investments heavily driven by business practices objectionable to you.

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